AF3-300 Friction Feeder

The Universal Friction Feeder for Flat Products

The innovative technical friction feeder AF3-300 AdvancedFeeder provides high user friendliness and flexible operation in multiple application areas. Improved performance and user interface with the new "K-Logic" control and drive system.

Single feeding and counting performance of up to 1500 products per minute, depending of the format range of the products. 

The AFS-300 AdvancedFeeder Servo is perfectly suited for the integration into feeding and affixing systems.

This servo-driven friction feeder excels in the precise positioning of products within the whole speed range of up to 1400 products / min.

The ideal friction feeder for precise feeding!

Different feeders are integrated into a collating unit; types and numbers of feeders are application specific.

The feeders dispense their products onto the collator where they are collated into stacks. 

These stacks are automatically conveyed to the downstream processing machine.

This friction feeder has been developed especially for the medium performance area and covers single feeding speeds of 100 products/minute. Single flat products up to a minimum of 60 g/m² can be easily separated and fed with this feeder.

The ideal friction feeder for single sheets, multiple sheets and cardboard. The new "K-Logic" control and drive system further improves the performance of the BF3 BasicFeeder and provides a more user-friendly user interface.

The intuitive menu navigation facilitates the operator's product change and saves our customers time and money.

The EasyFeeder is the perfect entry model friction feeder for separating flat products.

We are pleased to present you our new EasyFeeder generation: the EF2-235. Let this improved device convince you through its compact, modern design, its optimized user-friendliness and its cost-effectiveness which remains outstanding.

We are pleased to present you our new EFplus EasyFeeder.

This feeder closes a market gap for friction feeder entry models with improved flexibility, additional options for more powerful operation, and a user-friendly control unit. The new era of our entry model related to flexibility, performance and price.

All-round vacuum feeder for a range of catalogues and flyer (packaged in foil/film or envelopes), in the medium output range. Integration into order-picking systems!

Perfect feeding of uniformed products with different thicknesses within one stack. Applications: Filled envelopes and foil bags, advertising material and brochures, graphical products from single sheets to brochures.

The KÖRA-PACKMAT PPR feeder is a special suction feeder with four heads, mounted star-shaped at 90°.

The ideal feeder for horizontal and vertical placing of products through rotatory motion and products with delicate surfaces!

The KÖRA-PACKMAT drum suction feeder guarantees the safe separation of stapled brochures or magazines, especially when the cover page is relatively thin. The ideal machine for feeding magazines and brochures.

Cam-controlled flat belts and a vacuum suction unit separate the products. Due to a double flat belt guidance, the exact guidance of the products is guaranteed.

Different feeders are integrated into a collating unit; types and numbers of feeders are application-specific.

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