A Legacy of Excellence Since 1992

Step into the vibrant world of Rainbow Packaging, a beacon of packaging prowess since its inception in June 1992. Harnessing a deep-rooted expertise that dates back to 1970, we're not just another packaging solution; we're a legacy.

Why Choose Us?

Our core values are rooted in staying close to market trends, agility, and the promise of swift responses to our valued customers. Your needs inspire us, and our goal is to surpass your expectations.

Our Offerings

End-to-End Support: From meticulous project planning and adept management to smooth system installations and robust after-sales services.

Expertise at Every Step: Experience unmatched professional guidance, ensuring your projects unfold seamlessly.

A Milestone Partnership

Our collaboration with Kora Packmat began in 2001 and has supercharged our offerings. Armed with top-tier equipment designed for continuous 24/7 operations, we guarantee unmatched quality. Trust in our machinery, engineered using elite components, promising you a legacy of consistent, top-notch production.

At Rainbow Packaging, your vision is packaged with our passion!

Discover how every packaged product is a testament to our commitment to perfection.
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Meet the Owners

Rainbow Packaging has been lead by a team of seasoned experts with a combined industry-leading experince of over 50 years.
  • Wesley Henriksen

    Director of Sales & Integration

    Susan Henriksen

    Sales, Parts, & Service Inquires

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